Big Thank You Page!

The marvellous people below have contributed to my efforts in some way or other! Maybe they have shouted about me loudly in all the right places, promised and/or delivered a raffle prize or perhaps they have supplied goods at a discounted price! Anyway, whatever they have done, it has made a difference to the end result in a positive way. A big thank you each and every one of you!

Vicky Ambrose-Jones – site editor for About my Area DE74
Jenny at Xplore-It-UK, Castle Donington
Donington Manor, Castle Donington
Numero Due, Castle Donington
Donington Park
Yorkshire Hire Fitness
Kevin Ault at Framecraft
Reeds Health Club and Spa
The Brown Corporation

Neil Burnside of Burnsides
Sub-Zero Clothes

Richard Beldon of Let’s Go Local
Elaine and David Stevenson
Mel Hannam and The Charoite Siberian Huskies
Marble Property, Castle Donington
Livio’s Italian Restaurant, Shepshed
Daniel Keeling from Plant Tyre Repairs for chasing me all over Donington for 3 months prior to departure for the Arctic.
Charnwood 51 Club
Castle Donington Rotary Club

And a big thank you to everyone who has made a donation whether via my just giving page or in person!

An especially big thank you to my long-suffering family and friends! They have not just tolerated my constant talk, ideas and plans for the cause but have been hugely supportive and actively joined in with gusto! Without you all my life would not be complete or even remotely tolerable!


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